Creating solutions together

Co-creation is a deep dive into the essence of a question together with all stakeholders involved, creating space for a new solution or idea. Co-creation encourages people to let go of their individual interests and work towards a common outcome together. It is about creating value for all.

Any complex challenge can benefit hugely from co-creation. It will give you a better understanding of the issues, opportunities and the stakeholders involved. Co-creation lets you solve a problem from multiple perspectives and creates buy-in from those involved.

As facilitator I guide the group through the process and activities. My job is to create the right conditions and materials for creative collaboration, to help the group reach the desired outcome.

Co-creation can be used to design products and services, but also to create roadmaps or define partnerships and strategies.

As facilitator I take care of the program and tools, all you have to do is provide the space and the people

Design thinking

I often use design thinking as an approach when facilitating co-creation. Design thinking is an iterative, creative problem-solving process. It focusses on first seeking to understand the challenge from a human perspective, before moving into a solution.

Design thinking is about understanding and empathising with the needs of your target audience, to then use those insights to sharply define the challenge or opportunity. Once this is clear, ideas for solutions are generated. The best ideas are then visualised through prototyping so they can be tested.

The building blocks of the Design Thinking process

Behaviour Change

To add depth to my skills as facilitator and the design thinking process, I completed a post-academic course in behaviour change. The science of behaviour change helps us understand why groups of people behave a certain way. It also provides us with techniques to steer behaviour in the direction we want.