Helping organisations tackle complex challenges, discover new opportunities and create valuable, human-centred solutions. 

Are you trying to solve a complex challenge? Are you looking to innovate? Do you want to improve your product, service, process or strategy?

You will achieve better results if you truly understand what your stakeholders and end users need and engage them in the design process. I can help you do this through actionable research, expert facilitation, training and coaching.


  • Research to explore the needs of the target audience and use these insights to guide design strategy
  • Facilitating co-creation, using design thinking to leverage a group’s creative problem solving skills
  • Training and Coaching in exploratory design research and design thinking to create human-centred solutions

All activities can be done online or in-person, in Dutch or English.


These are some of my wonderful clients and partners. Would you like to know more? Contact me for a (virtual) chat.