About me


I started my career as a socio-historical researcher, and more or less accidentally stumbled into the User Experience (UX) field in 2007. After learning the ropes of UX design, I specialised in UX research and design research.

As a design researcher I helped companies define their product or service innovation strategies with insights from exploratory research: what drives the target audience, what are their underlying needs and how can you design for those.

Noticing that research insights were often lost during the design process, I looked for ways to bridge this gap. This led me to focus more on co-creation, facilitation and design thinking.

Over the years I gained experience as a UX researcher, Service Designer, Co-create Lead and Senior Design Strategist. I worked at companies like Philips and KPN in The Netherlands and Fairfax Media, News Digital Media and GoGet Carsharing in Australia.

I have been freelancing since October 2020, helping clients create valuable, human-centred solutions through consulting, training and coaching.


I was born in Amsterdam, spent part of my childhood in Pakistan and 15 years of my adulthood in Australia. I now live in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with my Australian husband and 2 kids.

My favourite holidays involve family, good food and nice drinks. Preferably in a warm, sunny location near some water. I like walking, an easy jog and Pilates, so am not exactly into extreme sports.

When collaborating I find kindness, trust and open communication important, along with a good dose of humour. I have a soft spot for projects that relate to healthcare, education or sustainability.

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